Post: For online แทงบอล, the latest update 2023

For online แทงบอล, the latest update 2023

What is a football price? Why do you need to know? And how is it important to แทงบอล? Today we will give you the answer. The football price is the odds at the dealer or the แทงบอล table. that has been determined that each competition, each team must have a rate of Negotiate how much? So why is there a negotiating rate? because of ability And the strength of each team is not equal. Usually, in the online แทงบอล industry in Thailand, the odds (ball prices) will have numbers together in 2 parts that are determined by the dealer, namely 1. Team against or The price is per big team. Or the better team continues To the inferior team and part 2 is the “water bill” or the rate of payment For betting on that team, if the bet is correct, how much money will be received from the bet on that team is called the water value, both of which will be determined by the dealer in every match

Introducing แทงบอล from famous gambling websites ufabet

On the ufabet website, there will be แทงบอล that is the same as other websites. (Because most of the ball prices have a standard that has already been determined which form to use) For example, for calculation, for example, we choose to bet on mancity with the amount of 1,000 baht at the handicap of 1 ball and the water value is 1.99. This means that the dealer or the odds set Man City as a team per 1 goal, meaning if Man City wins with a score of 1-0, this bet will be lifted. But if Man City wins with a score of 2-0, those who bet on Man City will receive 1,990 money using the calculation as Principal*water price – 1,000*1.99 = 1,990 baht

Popular markets, besides favorites, are

  1. Predict the result, win or lose Which team will win full time (favorite ball, single ball)


  1. Bet on high, low, full-time scores (betting on the total score of both teams combined in that match)


  1. Bet on the score in 1*2 format for full time.


In addition to the aforementioned market all that There are also many other types of bets on the ufabet website. There are a total of more than 16 types of bets (which can’t be explained all in one article), including corner bets, side bets. and many more But all the formats There is one thing in common. price and water always going in the same direction

แทงบอล to predict the championship of that season.

Betting out line (outright) or predicting the team that will be the champion of the season and that level of competition. is another form of online แทงบอล that has been highly popular Especially during the past World Cup, what kind of แทงบอล and water bills are there? we get to know each other

How to bet like this is easy and simple, let us analyze first that Which team has a chance to win the championship? The highest and bet on that team, there is no handicap, only the water price. by setting the price of the dealer is based on statistics And the skill of that team How much has a chance to become a champion, that is, if any team has the opportunity in winning the championship The water value of that team will be low. A simple explanation is that if the odds are low, we invest a lot but get very little. For example, if we make a bet with 1,000 baht on a team with a odds of 5.6, if we guess correctly, we will only receive 560 baht, but If we bet on a team with a low chance of winning We will get even more, for example, a team with odds of 70.5 is the bottom team. If we bet on this team, we will receive a payout of 7,050 in exchange for a low entry rate.

แทงบอล with Thai terminology

when we know with odds and water prices already Let’s get to know the terminology. Of แทงบอล in the style of Thai people in order to talk to other people. Well, that’s better. What kind of numbers What is it called?


Draw, draw odds (0.0) means no team draws or draws. If the result of the match is 0-0, then there is always a tie.

P price, half price (0.05) This price means that If you bet on the next team, the score must come out as The next team wins more than 1 goal because if the score is always drawn, the bettor must lose half of the amount to the dealer. Of the bet placed, if bet on the secondary team, will receive half of the money of stakes If the score ends in a draw

Half a goal (0.5), meaning that the next team must shoot more than 1 goal to get money. If the score ends in a draw, the next team loses full.

Half of the ball (0.5/1), meaning that if the next team ends the game with a score of 1-0, will receive half of the bet, shoot more than 2 goals and get full But if the score is always finished, it will lose completely.

One goal (1.00) means that the next team needs to win with more than 1 goal in order to get full money. If the score is only 1 goal or 1-0, it ends with a draw.

Overall odds There will be about this If higher than that, it will be half-half or half-half Which both prices are the same as the price of the Por. and half of the ball, only changing from 0 balls to 1 ball only


all of the above Is a summary of the ball price with a Thai call, along with explaining various numbers This information is highly useful. For new football bettors, the information, these mentioned. can help you to make money with the online แทงบอล market Absolutely and please don’t forget that Investing is always risky. Please study the information for the cup frequency. before every investment